Invertec V300-I + LN 25 Pro

60% duty cycle : 300 Amps

100% duty cycle : 250 Amps

Wire feed speed range : 1.3-17.7 m/min

Weight : 29 kg + 16 kg

Order no. : 9100160

Invertec V300-I is a lightweight 300 amp arc welding power source that utilises single or three phase input power to produce either constant voltage or constant current outbursts. The V300-I is designed for 50/60 Hz supply systems and has been optimised for SMAW, GMAW, FCW and GTAW welding processes.
It is designed to be used with LN-25 Pro semiautomatic wire feeders.

Key applications: ship building & offshore industries

Three phase standard voltage: 415V 50Hz